Happy New Year!

I love beginnings and a New Year is just that - a new beginning for all of us! So for 2016, it is time for a new blog to go along with a new website! Did you make any resolutions, or perhaps I should say set any goals for the New Year? I always do, and yes, they all don't pan out, but it gives me direction, a focus for where I am heading, and a sense of hope for the future. So here is to a fabulous 2016!

Did you pause, take stock and think through how 2015 went? I have been doing that these last few days. So what went well from a sewing and Pink Hollybush perspective? Well, the new website is up and running! That alone was a quite an accomplishment. There are also tons of new fabrics - many of which are not even up on the website yet. I did get a lot of sewing done last year and that will be showing up here in the weeks to come. My daughters each received a mom-made item - a dress for one, and a skirt for another. Several friends who had babies received a hand made item as well, and the first of the group of girls to get married who grew up with my daughters, received a penroir set that I made! There were also a few things stitched up for myself. What didn't go right? Well, between being President of the Smocking Arts Guild of America (SAGA), taking care of my family, and serving my church, Pink Hollybush and my house were the items that I let go. I also didn't get much accomplished in the way of exercise or cooking as healthful as I would have liked.

So what are those goals for 2016? Well, for Pink Hollybush, it is:

  1. to faithfully post to this blog each Friday.

  2. get all the fabrics up and posted.

  3. get a newsletter started.

And my sewing related goals?

  1. sew two smocked dresses for close friends.

  2. support SAGA by participating in upcoming Smock-Alongs, Wee Care, and ornaments for Trees for Troops.

  3. stitch a special gift for a close friend (details in upcoming blog post).

  4. nightgown and or penoir set for next friend who is getting married.

  5. 2 dresses for myself (I have the fabric all purchased and set to go.)

  6. something smocked for myself in time for the SAGA convention in Hampton.

What are your sewing goals for 2016?

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