Sewing with Flannel

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Last week I blogged about the dress I made my daughter for work from a plaid flannel. Flannel is one of my favorite winter fabrics and I am often surprised to find that people frequently don't think to sew with this fabric for more than PJs or flannel shirts.

When my daughters were little I made them flannel dresses, and it was their favorite thing to wear. Who wouldn't want to wear something that felt like PJs all day long!

Flannel, or brushed cotton, feels soft, is easy to sew with, and even pleats up well, if you are inclined to smock on it!

The dress in the above picture is made from Little Owl Cotton Flannel. This flannel is quite beefy, so I wouldn't try to pleat it, but it is a dream to sew with.

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