Moneta Dress: sewing with knits.

Over the past year I have made 3 Moneta Dresses from Colette Patterns - all for my daughters. (There does seem to be something wrong here!) They LOVE them. I have been told by both daughters that they are the most comfortable dresses they own. My daughters aren't the only ones who think this- it was voted a best pattern in 2014 on Pattern Review, and is consistently highly rated and recommended for beginners. Made from a knit fabric with an elastic waist, the dress is quick to put together, has a variety of options to customize it, comes in a multitude of sizes and is flattering on variety of body types! There really isn't much more to ask of a pattern. Did I also mention that my daughters say it is like wearing your pj's to work?

So, thoughts and changes after making 3 of these? First off, the type of knit fabric can effect the sizing. The first Moneta I made was made from a fairly stretchy knit fabric from JoAnns.

The Moneta in the picture is from an Art Gallery knit which is 95% cotton and 5 % spandex. It is a firmer knit. Colette patterns are sized for a C cup, but using the firmer knit, the fit was more of a B cup. This was fine for my daughter, but something to note. Picking knits can be a challenge, especially when ordering online. Colette patterns has a 3 part video series on doing just that which you may find very helpful. The Liberty knits carried by Pink Hollybush are viscose rayon and spandex, so they are softer and stretchier than the Art Gallery knit and would give more flexibility in the fit.

When it came to the actual sewing of the pattern, the one change between Moneta number 1 and Moneta number 2, was to lengthen the lining by and inch to cover the elastic at the waist. This makes it more comfortable since the elastic isn't next to your skin. I secured the lining and covered the elastic by sewing from the right side, in the ditch formed by the waist seam.

If you haven't tried sewing knits before, this article over at Seamwork magazine lays out the basics. Colette patterns also has a book on sewing with knits, and Craftsy offers several courses.

The cherry on top of the ice cream sundae is that all Colette and Seamwork patterns are 30% off now through May 30th! Have a Happy Memorial Day!

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