Smocking Tutorial: The Wave Stitch

Smocking: the wave stitch

Hi Everyone! Today we are stitching our second smocking stitch: the Wave Stitch. According to the Smocking Arts Guild of America, the Wave Stitch "is a stitch that travels directly between two or more levels to form a zigzag line. It consists of a top and bottom closure stitch." Stitching the Wave Stitch is as easy as stitching the cable. Begin by prepping your floss and getting your needle into position. (You can read how to do that as well as how to form the cable stitch here). The wave stitch is usually stitched with 3 strands of floss and is stitched from left to right if you are right-handed and from right to left if you are left-handed. Stitch an up cable.

Smocking: Begin with an Up Cable

Move down to the next row and go through the next pleat.

Take a stitch a row below

Stitch a down cable.

Smocking: Stitch a down cable

Move back up to the row you started on and take a stitch.

Smocking: Move back up to the row you started on.

Form an up cable.

Smocking: the wave stitch

Continue across the row - it's that simple!

Smocking: continue along the row

Baby waves are formed the exact same way, but only travel down 1/2 space. Here are some tips to form lovely wave stitches:

1. Keep your needle horizontal at all times.

2. Each stitch enters a new pleat.

3. All three strands of floss should show in your stitches and your pleats should not be distorted.

4. There should be two pleats between each up cable and each down cable.

Two pleats between each up cable

Happy Stitching!

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