Women's Fashion: the Sleeve for Spring

The Sleeve for Spring

I recently blogged about the color I saw in almost all the designers" shops in NYC (read about it here), but there was another detail that stood out as my girlfriend and I went from shop to shop: the same sleeve. Sometimes it was gathered, sometimes it was flounced, but it was everywhere! We saw it on all these tops in Burberry:

Burberry Top

Burberry Top

Burberry Top

It was on the lovely dress from Valentino:

Valentino Dress

We saw it at Chanel, although I can't find a picture (and didn't think they would appreciate if I snapped a picture while we were in the store), and more moderately priced, at JCrew:

JCrew top

If you would like to create this look for yourself, you can find the look in the Tunic Bible:

The Tunic Bible

and as one of the options for the Laural pattern from Colette Patterns.

Laurel Pattern from Colette Patterns

Have you started planning your spring sewing? Maybe you want to incorporate this sleeve into the mix?

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