New Fabrics and Back to School Projects

Back to school sewing inspiration

It has started, that back to school rush to get everything ready. I have to admit, I just hate it! I love summer and I don't want it rushed. But at the same time, reality must be faced. The nights are cooler here, the AC hasn't gone on for awhile and today I went and started purchasing some of the items that my son needs to head back to college in a little over a week. I suppose I should be thinking about fall sewing, but I am just not ready to go there. So instead, lets think of a fun back to school outfit that can transition from summer to fall!

I have some new fabrics in the shop that would just be perfect to bridge the gap!

Strawberry Fields

These luscious berries are set on a navy blue background, so this fabric will tackle recess and still look good. And the perfect smocking plate for this fabric just happens to be a free pattern from Love and Stitches.

Strawberry Smocking Plate

For the little boy or girl in your life, look no farther than this adorable print with smiling whales dancing on a teal background.

Little Whales

Then of course, we have the perfect bishop print with Raspberry Fields, or perhaps a cute top to pair with our Raspberry Corduroy. Our Raspberry Ric Rac is the perfect trim for this print which has a soft off white background and shades of light pink to dark raspberry.

Raspberry Fields

For the perfect back to school pattern, consider Mary De by Children's Corner or Playtime by Judith Marquis.

Mary De Pattern

Playtime Pattern