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Start a New Tradition: PJs for Christmas

sewing and smocking pjs for christmas

Do you and your children receive new PJs for Christmas? It is a tradition for many and a wonderful one to start if you don't already. Of course, PJs you make yourself are the best, and smocked ones are even better! This is the first of two blog posts to give you PJ inspiration. I will cover patterns today and next Tuesday, discuss fabrics.

So first up, are these not the most adorable children in the most adorable PJs? My friend Kelli is their mom and they are wearing her handiwork. So how did Kelli do it? The nightgown is a basic bishop pattern - no need for a specific pajama pattern - just make sure the neckline isn't tight and you are good to go. If neckline bindings scare you, or you would prefer something with a little less smocking, then you may wish to consider the Snowdrift series. Every size is covered from grown-up to Dolly and the neckline is finished with a facing instead of a binding! Also, the sleeves aren't smocked, so if you are pressed for time, this may help!

Little Snowdrift Nightgown Pattern

Snowdrift Ladies

Picture smocking can be challenging on a bishop because the bottom needs to flare out, so pick small isolated pictures to smock as Kelli did, rather that one large design. This post lists a collection of free Christmas Smocking Designs. Also notice the wonderful way Kelli incorporated picture smocking on her son's pjs. The smocking is done on a separate insert and attached as a pocket! This is a great idea if you are pressed for time and yet want to add some smocking to the pjs!

Close-up of Pocket

For a great pattern for boys pjs, this Sleepover pj pattern would be perfect. Oliver and S also show it made up as girl's pjs if the girl in your family is more a pj rather than a nightgown type! Lisette for Butterick also has a women's version of men's style pjs, if that is more the recipient's style.

Sleepover PJs

Lisette Pj pattern

If you would like to add some picture smocking to your pjs, but handling the natural flare of a bishop, or the amount of smocking that a bishop entails seems daunting, then try Little Breeze with its straight yoke! This is also a great pattern for those of you in more Southern climates, or our friends in the Southern hemisphere where Christmas is the warmest time of the year! Again, there is a matching mom's and dolly's version of this pattern.

Little Breeze Nightgown.

For the baby in the family, there is Baby's Breath which is also available as a pre-pleated kit, and Lullaby, a very practical Infant Sleep Saque!

Baby's Breath Pattern

Infant Sleep Saque pattern

And for a toddler, Sweet Little Kisses would be perfect! You could easily extend the sleeve for a long-sleeve nightgown if preferred.

Sweet Little Kisses

How about making something special for the hardworking mom or grandmom in the family? Kelli also made this amazing nightgown for a special friend of hers, and that friend was thrilled to receive such a special gift!

Victorian Dreams Nightgown Pattern

Sleeve detail

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