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PJs for Christmas, Part 2

Sewing Pjs for Christmas Part 2

Last week in Sewing and Smocking Pjs for Christmas, Part 1, I spoke about the wonderful tradition of new pjs for Christmas and of course how special handmade pjs are. We discussed great patterns for everyone in the family. Today, as promised I am back with part 2 to discuss the perfect fabrics to use for Christmas pjs!

Of course the classic fabric for Christmas Pjs, at least if you live in the north, is flannel, and the darling pjs in the picture to the left are made out of beautiful and lovely Swiss Flannel. Of course, that might beyond your budget, but a lovely soft cotton flannel or brushed cotton is so warm and cuddly. Here are two lovely ones you might consider: Aqua Posies Brushed Cotton and Little Owl Flannel. Aqua Posies is also one one of the fabrics that our Pre-Pleated Baby Bunting Kit comes in.

Aqua Posies Brushed Cotton

Little Owl Flannel

If you live in the Southern part of the country, or the Southern Hemisphere, then the classic lawn is the perfect fabric! You could consider one of our beautiful Liberty Tana Lawns,

Liberty Fabrics

or one of our more modest priced lawns such as London Calling Dawn, or Sunny Cotton Lawn.

Nightgown made from London Calling Dawn

Sunny Cotton Lawn

All of our Double Gauze fabrics would also make beautiful and soft pjs! This blog post gives tips on sewing and smocking with Double Gauze.

Double Gauze Fabrics

But no matter where you live, or what the weather, you just can't go wrong with pjs made from one of our wonderful knits!

Organic Knit Fabrics

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