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Sewing Goals for 2018

Did you set Sewing Goals for 2017? Are you planning to set some for 2018? In 2017, I participated in the #MakeNine. It is run on instagram and is very simple - set a goal of 9 items you will sew or knit this year. Here is my Make Nine from last year which you can read about here:

So how did I do? Only three out of the nine! Am I upset about this? Not really. Life brings surprises and 2017 brought the wonderful surprise of my daughter's engagement. So the major reason that I didn't make more of my sewing goals was that I sewed a ton for the wedding! On the list above, I finished 3 New kits for Pink Hollybush, made Vogue 8815 for my daughter, and finished the cross-stitch bag pictured in the bottom center of the picture. I also sewed a few items for myself that aren't pictured such as this Akita top, and Classic Shirt.

As for 2018, after so much wedding sewing, I am ready to do a little sewing for myself! So from the top right corner, my plans are:

The Chai Tee from Lisette Patterns has some special features and is a pattern I would wear all summer long. Vogue 8805 is again on the list and I have it already cut out, so this year it is going to get made. My SAGA group makes an ornament each year and I have several that are "in progress". I would like to finish them this year! I have never made a coat and would like to try that this year. I haven't completely settled on the pattern yet, but right now, this Vintage 1950s pattern from Simplicity is leading the list. I have plans for several new patterns for Pink Hollybush, and want to try Sweet Little Kisses in a knit fabric. I suspect it will whip up quite quickly and would make a great baby shower gift. I got a great start on this christening gown when I took Susie Gay's class at the SAGA retreat this past spring, but would like to get it finished this year! I have been promising my daughter hand knit socks for quite some time. The first one is done and I am well into the second. It would be nice if I finished them this winter! Finally, I have wanted to try the City Stroll skirt pattern and have the fabric purchased - I just need to get it made!

Those are my goals for now - I am sure they will change as I go through the year and different opportunities and fun patterns present themselves, but it is nice to have a plan and some direction as the year begins. What are your sewing goals for the year?

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