Update on Sewing Goals for 2018

#makenine2018 update

At the beginning of the year I set some Sewing Goals using the #MakeNine2018 and the #100DayProject. This post is an update on those goals as well as a little reflection on running a business that is based on your hobby or art.

First up is the easy part - I have completed 3 of the 9 goals and exciting news - the fourth - a new pattern from Pink Hollybush will be coming out in April! (Yes, it is a smocked knit pattern - I am so excited!) I have made Vogue 8805, the City Stroll Skirt and completed those socks for my daughter! I will definitely get to the Chai Tee and an ornament for Trees for Troops. The coat, I am not so sure about - I am thinking spring and summer sewing right now, but come fall, who knows! The Christening Gown is well under way, but may need a grandchild on the way to get me working on it - we shall see.