Update on Sewing Goals for 2018

#makenine2018 update

At the beginning of the year I set some Sewing Goals using the #MakeNine2018 and the #100DayProject. This post is an update on those goals as well as a little reflection on running a business that is based on your hobby or art.

First up is the easy part - I have completed 3 of the 9 goals and exciting news - the fourth - a new pattern from Pink Hollybush will be coming out in April! (Yes, it is a smocked knit pattern - I am so excited!) I have made Vogue 8805, the City Stroll Skirt and completed those socks for my daughter! I will definitely get to the Chai Tee and an ornament for Trees for Troops. The coat, I am not so sure about - I am thinking spring and summer sewing right now, but come fall, who knows! The Christening Gown is well under way, but may need a grandchild on the way to get me working on it - we shall see.

The Hundred Day Project.

I also set a goal of 100 days of Stitching and Sewing. The originators of the 100 Day Project promised that you would learn a lot about yourself by participating and I did, but not what I thought I would! Let me digress for a minute. When my daughters began the college search process I asked both of them if they wanted a traditional college, or if they wanted to consider music or art instead. My oldest played the violin and my younger daughter was extremely artistic. I knew how much creativity meant in my life - that I just wasn't happy if I wasn't creating and I saw that in them as well. They both chose the traditional academic route although they have both managed to keep their artistic talents alive and well through different outlets. Both of them explained to me that they didn't want their hobby, the thing they did for pure enjoyment to be their job - something they had to do.

Keeping the Balance.

I originally followed the same path that my daughters took. I am a lawyer by training. But now, I am combining my love of sewing and smocking with my career and trying to grow and develop a business based on my art. Doing so requires a balance and usually I am able to keep that balance. I don't work on the business on Sundays and try to stay away from social media on the weekends. I undertook the 100 Day Project with the hope that it would be an incentive to spend a few moments sewing and stitching each day rather than just working on the business. While I found that it did indeed push me to sew or stitch a little each day, the need to "report" what I did took away the joy.

Being Observed

There is a concept in physics call the Observer Effect. Basically it states that the thing observed changes just because it is being observed. I found that was true for what I worked on each day. If it was just for myself, I might just do another row or two of the sock or the latest smocking project, but since I needed to post a picture each day - well, who wants to see another picture of a sock? On the flip side, having to post that picture encouraged me to go into my UFOs, find some projects that didn't need much to finish them up, and get them done! I did make it to day 40 and the following projects were completed!

Finished Projects thanks to the 100 Day Project

So am I glad that I undertook the 100 Day Project? Yes. It helped me develop a better sense of where that line is between my love for the art and the business. Going forward I am learning from my daughters' wisdom and realizing that certain aspects of my art need to be just for my enjoyment and not part of the business!

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