Me Made May and a Sale!

Me Made May

Have you been following along with Me Made May? It is a wonderful way to get inspiration for your sewing and to discover new patterns for future sewing makes. You can follow hashtags on instagram, so just follow #mmmay18. I have been sticking to my goal (which you can read about here) although I haven't posted pictures of the repeats. One of the goals of MMMay is to realize the "holes" in your handmade wardrobe. I realize that I need some more summer tops so that is definitely on the "to sew" list going forward! To celebrate Me Made May, Zoe who started it 9 years ago asked sewing businesses to support the project with a discount, and I was happy to do so! You can find all the other sewing businesses that are also offering sales for Me Made May here.

Me Made May Sale

So now through May 31st everything is 20% off in the