Additional Tips and Tricks for Stitching July Flowers

Additional tips and tricks for stitching July Flowers

Last week my good friend Julie was on the blog to share her tips and tricks for stitching the gathered version of July Flowers. Today she is back to show you her smocked version and offer some additional tips and tricks for making the skirt including adding ric rac! So here is Julie...

Once I had the bodice made, the next step is to make the back placket, which I did following the directions, but using a technique I have learned, which is as you stitch the ‘V’ on the main fabric and you are within an inch of the bottom make your stitch length a little smaller. Stitch to the end, pivot and stitch upward an inch then go back to the normal stitch length and complete stitching. This helps reinforce the point of the ‘V’. I also reduce the stitch length at this point when stitching the placket in place.