Sewing Plans for 2019!

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

#Makenine2019 sewing goals

It's that time of the year! If you have been over on instagram then you know that the sewing community has been looking back at how many sewing goals they accomplished in 2018 and setting new goals for 2019. Check out the hashtag #makenine2019 to get inspired for the upcoming year! Before I walk you through sewing plans for 2019, lets take a quick look at 2018. How did I do on my sewing goals? 7 of 9 were completed so I was pretty pleased. 😊

#makenine2018 sewing goals

The only projects that I didn't complete were a coat and the Christening Gown from my stash. I haven't put the Christening Gown on the list this year, I think it needs to wait until I know that it is needed before it will get finished! As for the coat, I am not sure about the style, so I am waiting on that as well. So on to the goals for 2019!

#Makenine2019 sewing goals

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Charity Sewing for Wee Care. If you would like some information about the Wee Care program, you can read about it in this post. For a list of ways you can use your sewing skills to support charities, check out this post.

2. This fun yellow dot fabric. This will definitely be some sort of summer top and I want to use the "wrong side" to provide some sort of a contrast to the yellow side.

3. A new Smocking Design for Pink Hollybush. I have both a geometric and a picture design in the works as I write this. Blooming Rose is the design pictured and you can find it here.

4. Butterick 6588. This was one of my 2017 goals and it still hasn't gotten made!😒 I purchased this red sweatshirt knit in 2018. I think I will wear it quite a bit if I just get it made, but it doesn't excite me which is why I think I keep procrastinating.

5. A new garment pattern for Pink Hollybush. Its just about finished and about to go into testing!

6. Woodland Stroll Cape. This is one I have wanted to make for some time and am hoping to have done for the spring weather! I love this Blue Window Pane Check wool.

7. Stylearc Talulah Knit Dress - I intended to make this in the Fall of 2018 out of this leopard print knit, but I ran out of time and then the weather turned, so hoping for spring!

8. A new smocked ornament pattern for Pink Hollybush. You can find the Mistletoe Ornament pictured here.

9. Named Patterns Talvikki Sweater made out of this lovely yellow wool.

Of course many other sewing projects will come up as the months go on. I like to plan but hold my goals loosely as well. For Pink Hollybush, as I mentioned above, I have a garment pattern and two smocking designs in the works. I am also planning on more videos and hopefully my first smocking course! Welcome 2019 - its going to be a great sewing year!

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