Lesson 3: Cutting Out

Updated: May 23, 2019

Make your daughter a dress lesson 3

Welcome back to lesson 3 of Make Your Daughter a Dress. I promised in the introduction to the Make Your Daughter a Dress Series that I wouldn't assume you knew anything about sewing! So while the bonus lessons were for the more seasoned sewist, this lesson is really for the beginner. In it I cover how to lengthen and shorten the skirt and bodice if needed, as well as how to lay out your pattern pieces and cut out your July Flowers dress. Remember, if you have questions or just want to see what others are making, come join the Facebook Group!

Before cutting out, you have two decisions to make. July Flowers comes with 2 bodice variations: a boat neck and a scoop neck. Construction is the same for both, so make whichever you prefer. Secondly, are you going to interface the entire bodice or just the button area? If interfacing the entire bodice to help with the wrinkles, remember I recommend a soft knit interfacing such as French Fuse.

Cut out your pattern with your paper scissors. Fold your fabric in half lining up the selvedge edges and making sure that the cut edge is straight (watch the video for more details).

Selvedge and cut edges

Fabric pieces that are labeled with the "fold arrow" are placed directly on the fold.

Placing pieces on the fold.

Fabric pieces with a grainline arrow are placed so the two arrows at each end of the grainline are equidistant from the selvedge edge.

Placing pieces equidistant from the selvedge edge

For the optional piece number 8, again make sure the two ends of the grainline arrow are equidistant from the selvedge edge. This will place the piece on the true bias.

Placing a piece on the bias

Remember to cut out your lining pieces and interfacing as well. In our next lesson we will begin sewing!

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