Buttons, Buttons and more Buttons!

Handmade buttons available at Pink Hollybush

I don't usually write a blog post about a new item in the shop, but these buttons are so adorable and support a worthwhile company that today and I am doing just that! The Buttons are made in South Africa by hand. According to the company website, "most of the team of women who craft the buttons had never held a paintbrush before they joined the company, and are now absolute masters of their art and justifiably proud of their work. The ladies sense of belonging within the company and skills as crafters not only gives them tremendous pleasure, but also provides them with economic empowerment." As for the buttons themselves, each button is carefully hand crafted from a unique mixture of ceramic and stoneware clay and hand painted with an assortment of glazes. Due to a unique manufacturing process, the buttons are both machine washable and dry cleanable. The process involves numerous firings at extremely high temperatures. The result is a product of exceptional strength and durability. (The company does recommend that you turn your garment inside out before machine washing.)

Of course, you can use these buttons to close a garment, but they would also be adorable added to your smocking. For example, a bird button could replace the stitched birdy in the Little Birdy Smocking plate.

If you are not comfortable with stacked cables, or just want a quick project,