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Hearts to Stitch and Sew

Free Valentine's Patterns

Last year I put together a round-up post of heart patterns that you could stitch and sew. Hearts just seem to be a popular motif and so I have an entire new round-up of free patterns that you might want to consider! These patterns cover the gambit of different sewing and stitching techniques, and go from very simple to the more substantial, so lets see what I have!

If you want something for your home that avoids the traditional red and pink, this pillow from Miss Lovie would be a great place to start.

Heart Pillow

Another decoration for your home, that still has a modern touch is the heart quilt from Quilting in the Rain.

Heart Quilt

And if you would like a simpler heart quilt block, then perhaps you would like to try this one from Dairy of a Quilter.

Heart Quilt Block

If you wish to sew for a child, here is an inspiration photo of a simple design that would be quick to do.

Valentine's Day Jumper

Heart Backpack

Heart Pocket Tutorial

Sashiko Heart

Heart and Arrow Pincushion

Embroidery template

Swedish Redwork Heart

Heart Bookmark


Scandinavian Fabric Hearts


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