Let's Have a Give-Away!

As we are staying home and staying put, let's #SewSomeFun! I just sent out a out a copy of my monthly newsletter with a list of my favorite resources: books, exercise videos, podcasts, etc. If you would like to check it out, you can access it here. If you like what you see, then sign up for the newsletter:

I never share your information and the newsletter is monthly, so I won't be filling up your inbox.

Among the suggestions in the newsletter was to participate in a sewing challenge. We would love to have you join Sew Some Fun. This month we have been tackling color blocking and next month we will be sewing a garment we have never sewn before. I am taking on pants and will documenting it step by step in my instagram stories.

My second suggestion is to learn something new and to help you do that, I am giving away a subscription to my Learn to Smock Course. So if you would like to learn to smock, or if you used to smock and would like a refresher, I will be picking a winner on Monday, March 23rd. To enter, just sign up for the newsletter above.

Learn to Smock Course

Enrollment is also open for the Stitcher's Circle, now through March 31st, so if you have thought about trying to smock and sew knits, now is your chance to jump on in and have step by step videos as well as a supportive community to sew along with as we complete the May Garden Jumper.

If you need anything to keep you sewing and smocking, since the business is just me in my house, so yes,it is still open and I am happy to ship out to you whatever you need. Stay home, stay safe and keep sewing!