Getting Organized for Fall Fabric Shopping in NY!

organized for fall fabric shopping

This Friday I am heading into the city to visit my daughter and of course do a little fabric shopping as well. Shopping in the garment district can be overwhelming so doing a little advanced leg work can be the difference between coming home with what I need and walking out of the fabric shop looking like a deer caught in the headlights with no fabric to show for my efforts. This is SO MUCH CHOICE - not that I am complaining, but without a game plan, I just get overwhelmed and ending up buying nothing, or worse yet, not buying enough of a particular fabric. As brick and mortar fabric stores become fewer and fewer, whether you are heading to NY or another destination where you will have access to one or more fabric stores, it is important to be organized so you can get the most from the opportunity. So this post outlines my game plan!

First up, I spent an evening looking through the new fall patterns that are out and well as reviewing my Pinterest Boards where I have pinned patterns and design details that I want to sew. In particular I reviewed Fall Sewing, Things I want to Sew, Sewing Inspiration, Details, Stripes and Powerful Plaid (if you follow my boards you will see when I add additional finds).

Next, I reviewed my existing wardrobe