Panties, Panties & More Panties!

Julie is back again this week with a post on panties! Last week she shared a tutorial on how to add lace to button band and sleeve of a baby gown and today she is here to share about her favorite panties pattern. Remember you can see and purchase some of Julie's creations at her etsy shop: Lamond Traditional.

I have taken to making slips and panties to go with the little dresses I love to make. I think it is nice to have a ‘complete’ outfit. The slips help the dresses hang nicely and the panties cover the ugly nappy (sorry, diaper if you are American).

My pantie pattern of choice is included in the pattern Infant Snowdrift by Judith Marquis. This pattern comes in four sizes and goes by the weight of the child. It also has endless possibilities when it come to making the panties unique, which I love.

I have made the panties in plain white broadcloth with no embellishment; in the same fabric as the dress;

plain fabric with a patterned back panel to match the dress,

and in plain fabric with an added ruffle to the back panel.

You could monogramme the back panel and as Judith suggests, add a smocked insert. There are so many possibilities and many of my choices come from how much of the original dress fabric I have left to work with!

Julie will be back next week with more panty inspiration and a tutorial on how to modify this pattern!

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