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Round-Up of Free Christmas Picture Smocking Designs

December is just around the corner and Thanksgiving is only days away! Little ones in picture smocked outfits for Christmas are so adorable. If you are going to get them finished in time, you need to start now, if you haven’t already! To help get those inspiration juices flowing, I have gathered together a number of free Christmas smocking plates together a few years ago. Unfortunately some of them are no longer available, but I have gone through the post, updated all the links. At the bottom of the post you will also find a video if you prefer to listen. In the video I cover not just Christmas smocking plates but other holiday ones as well. Happy Smocking!

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First up, is this adorable Three Kittens who lost their Mittens by Claire Meldrum. Claire offers two versions of this plate - one with Fairisle Mittens and one with solid mittens. Depending on the fabric you choose, this plate doesn't have to be limited to Christmas. Claire no longer has the design available to be downloaded but I have left it here in case you wish to give it a try from her illustration. For a classic Christmas plate, there is Santa and his Reindeer from the Sew Beautiful blog.

Santa and Sleigh Smocking Graph

Santa smocking graph

If you prefer to just have Santa, or just have Rudolph, both are available from Gwen Milner.

Rudolph smocking graph

You have to scroll down the page to find Santa and Rudolph, but I promise, they are both there! What would Christmas be without Gingerbread Cookies? Thanks to Janet Gilbert, you don't have to find out. Again, The plate is no longer available to download but I have left the picture if you want to give it a try from the photo.

Gingerbread cookies smocking graph

If you are looking for a Christmas Tree, you can use the tree from Gingerbread Cookies above, or this one from Trudy Horne.

Tree smocking graph

I love a snowman because it extends the wearability of the outfit beyond Christmas and into the winter. Snowmen are also just cute! Try this fun snowman from Michie Moony.

Snowman Smocking Design

For the child that loves cars, how about a Christmas Station Wagon, also from Michie.

Christmas Station Wagon smocking design

And finally, again from Claire Meldrum, we have the classic Nutcracker!

Nutcracker smocking graph

Here is the video if you prefer to listen:


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