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Sewing More Panties!

Last week on the blog Julie Stilwell shared with us all the wonderful panties she has been making with the Infant Snowdrift pattern. She is back again today with more panty inspiration and a tutorial on how she modified the panty pattern by creating a casing and eliminating the need for a buttonhole. You can purchase some of Julie's wonderful creations from her etsy shop Lamond Traditional.

Judith’s directions are very comprehensive and include making two buttonholes to allow for the addition of the waist elastic. She offers a small tab that can be added to cover these. I have revised this and make a casing that eliminated the need for the buttonholes and therefore the tab also (unless you like the tab and want to add it for decoration, which you can still do).

Cut out your pantie pieces from your main and lining fabrics. I often use a plain lining fabric if I am using a pattern for the main. You will have two fronts; two backs and two crotch pieces- main and lining pieces.