Sewing Plans 2020

It is that time of year - Christmas is put away, everything slows down, you can take stock of the old year and make plans for the new. I LOVE January! For the past several years I have participated in the #makenine sewing and knitting plans listed over on instagram and so here is a review of where I ended up from 2019 and my sewing and knitting plans for 2020.

So how did I do on my sewing goals for 2019? Well I completed 5 out of 9.

A little over half, but not that great. In 2018 I completed 7, so I didn't improve. Now that doesn't mean that I didn't do a lot of sewing in 2019. I did a ton of sewing, and loved every minute of it! In fact my favorite make for myself from 2019 was never part of my sewing plans. It is Vogue 9363.

What I found interesting is how my plans changed as I went through the year. I will have to see if that happens again this year.

So, going from left to right and top to bottom, I did:

1. Sew for charity by finishing several Wee Care gowns.

2. Didn't use this lovely yellow dot fabric to make a top for myself.

3. Didn't release a new smocking graph for Pink Hollybush.

4. Didn't finish the red fleece dress for me.

5. Did release the Honey pattern for Pink Hollybush.

6. Didn't make the Woodland Stroll cape for me.

7. Used this fun knit print fabric to make the Newport top for me.

8. Released a Learn to Smock Course.

9. Made the Talvikki Sweater for me.

So going forward, what are my plans for 2020? Again left to right and top to bottom:

1. I again plan to sew for charity by sewing some Wee Care Gowns.

2. I still haven't picked a pattern but I want to use this fabric to sew a summer top for myself.

3. Finish all the sewing prompts for Sew Some Fun. You can read about this sewing challenge here.

4. Finish up this red dress (Butterick 6388) which may become a red fleece top. I am afraid that the red fleece fabric was not the best choice, and that I am going to look like a giant red marshmallow in this dress, which is why I haven't finished it.

5. A new pattern for Pink Hollybush (this is already underway!).

6. Finally make the Woodland Stroll cape.

7. Put together another online smocking course for Pink Hollybush.

8. Challenge myself by making pants. I have never made pants. I am nervous about getting them to fit correctly, but this year is the year!

9. Finish my Foxtrot Sweater. The body is done, I have the sleeves and the bands to knit yet.

Of course as I sew each of the items listed above, I will also be meeting one of the prompts of Sew Some Fun. So what about you? Have you set some sewing goals for 2020? Either way, come join us with Sew Some Fun and get some encouragement to meet your sewing goals in 2020!