Stitching the Makenzie Quilt Block

Julie is back on the blog again today to provide some instruction notes on stitching the Makenzie quilt block. She previously provided detailed notes on stitching the Carousel Quilt Block.

Makenzie is part of the Paper Doll quilt square series from Kreations by Karon designer Brenda Shade. This square yoke dress has a scalloped hem. In the kit from Pink Hollybush Designs the fabric used for the dress skirt is not reversible, so the scalloped hem has to be added. This blog post leads you through the construction of the little dress and adding the plain fabric scalloped hem.

Un-Smocked version:-

The skirt can just be gathered (by running two rows of large stitches along the top) before joining it to the yoke.

Smocked version- Sample was smocked with five rows cables.

1. Cut skirt piece out without the scallops and add ¼ inch at the hem fold line for the seam allowance.

2. Trace the scalloped edge from the hem fold to the scallops. Add ¼ inch seam allowance at the fold edge.

3. Cut the plain fabric using the scallop pattern. If you need to double the plain fabric, remember to cut it on the fold.

4. With the right side of the plain fabric facing the wrong side of the skirt fabric, stitch them together using a ¼ inch seam allowance.

5. Press and turn the plain fabric to the front (right side of the skirt fabric).

6. Press and baste the hem and the scallop edge.

7. Turn the scallop edge under about 1/8 inch and baste in place. It may help to clip the seam allowance on the curves so it lays smoothly. But clip very carefully!

Work a row of feather stitch along the scalloped edge.

Yoke Embellishment

The sample uses tatting insertion for the yoke embellishment. It is hand stitched in place.


As the fabric for the sample was highly patterned lace was not added to the body o the sleeve.

Tatted edging was used to trim these.

1. Baste the hem in place.

2. Pull the chain stitch header edge of the tatting to release the loops.

3. Stitch through the loops and carry the thread through the hem fold to attach the tatting to the sleeve edge.

4. Gather the edge with a small running stitch.

5. Remove the basting thread.

Skirt Lining

I finished the hem edge of the skirt lining with a hand shell stitch.

Yoke to Skirt

I found it easier to stitch the yoke to the skirt and lining at the top of the smocking before adding the yoke lining. I also folded the skirt seam allowance to the back when attaching the yoke.

I then stitched the yoke lining, right sides together, at the shoulders and neck edges. I carefully clipped the curves, then turned to the right side and finger pressed. Then I stitched the yoke lining to the skirt, turning under the seam allowance.

Julie will be back in a few weeks with construction notes on the remaining quilt block. Here are the links for kits for the complete quilt as well as each block, along with the patterns. Thank you Julie and Happy Stitching!