Tackling the Mending Pile

One of the prompts for this month over at Sew Some Fun is "mend, refashion or fix what doesn't fit." Thankfully my mending pile isn't too big, but this month's prompt was an incentive to finally set aside a few minutes and just get it done! Mending piles can bring a lot of guilt and so I am clearing some physical and mental space by working through those items. First up, it is completely legitimate to tackle something in your mending pile by deciding to give it away! I had a skirt that I had made for my daughter. It was sitting in the sewing room in plain site, so I could feel guilty every time I looked at it. (I often do this to try to incentivise myself to get it taken care of, but it wasn't working.) I made it too big for her and I have tried taking it in twice. At that point the only way to take it in enough was to take it apart and completely remake it. My daughter looked at me and said "Mom, I don't like it that much, just give it away" - and so I did!

Mending can also mean refashioning or re-purposing. My friend Julie has turned several of her husband's shirts into little boy's bubbles, and they have turned out just darling. It is also a popular trend to add hand-stitching to jeans to mend them (and if you do, that fulfills another prompt for Sew Some Fun!). Some resources for visible mending include this post from Melly Sews, and this one from Wren Bird Arts. Zippers can be one of those things that often break and I do admit that usually means that the item is heading out the door, but if you want to try and fix the zipper, this post from Heather Handmade may be what you need.

My mending pile

In order to make it through that mending pile, we all need to find our motivation and that can be difficult to do, but bribe yourself if you need to! Perhaps there is a podcast or netflix show that you only listen to while tackling the mending. Maybe you get to start a new project, or purchase a new fabric once that pile is gone. Set a timer and tell yourself that you only have to mend for a set amount of time - even just 15 minutes and then you get to sew or stitch on something you would enjoy. For me this year, an added incentive was that Memorial Day is this coming weekend and one of the items in my mending pile was the flag that normally flies on the front of our house! But once the flag was fixed, I was already at the sewing machine, and it only took me a minute to stitch down the flaps on my top that drive me crazy every time I wear it. Whatever motivation you need, let's clear some mental and physical space in our sewing rooms and tackle that pile one way or another! Happy Sewing and Happy Memorial Day!