Sew Some Fun


Have Fun

Set aside some time for yourself this year to enjoy your favorite hobby.


Encourage yourself to try something new and expand your sewing skills!


Connect with others who share your sewing passion

How it Works:

  • Sew Some Fun 2020 is a set of 25 sewing prompts (not 25 items to sew!) all listed on the Sew Some Fun Poster that is a Free PDF Download. 

  • I will be covering two prompts a month (one month will have 3) for each month throughout the year.

  • The monthly newsletter will announce the two for the upcoming month, and the First and Second Fridays of each month will have a list of resources to help meet that months' prompt.

  • You are free to follow along, work ahead or complete all in one month!

  • There will be prizes as we go along because prizes make it more fun and this is all about fun!

  • Connect with others in the Sew Some Fun Facebook Group and on Instagram by following @SewSomeFun and tagging your makes #SewSomeFun2020!

Welcome to

Hi, I'm Lisa, the owner of Pink Hollybush Designs. I started Sew Some Fun to help us all take some time for ourselves this year, encourage us to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone by trying something new with our sewing, and to connect with others who share that same sewing passion.

Sew Some Fun 2020!

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