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The Sewing & Needlework Planner !

Keep track of and Celebrate your Creativity in 2023!

Let's Celebrate our Creativity in 2023!

>>> Do you take the time to plan out your creations?
>>> Do you celebrate your makes once they are finished?
>>> Would you remember how to recreate that great top you just sewed for your daughter or the sweater you just knit for a friend's new baby?
>>> If you run out of thread for the needlepoint project or the cross-stitch design, do you know the manufacturer or the color?
>>> What was that great technique that worked so well and where did you find it?
>>> You just found the perfect yarn at the shop while on vacation - how much do you need to make the cardigan pattern that you love?

You need a simple and quick way to have this information at your finger tips - the solution is our Sewing & Needlework Planner!

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Here's What the Sewing & Needlework Planner Contains:

  • Seasonal Project Lists

  • In depth Project Planning Pages

  • Seasonal Journal Page to reflect on what you accomplished and learned

  • A Gift Section to record plans for handmade gifts you would like to give.

  • A Stash Section to record the fabric/yarn/craft supplies you have on hand. Know what you need & what you have!

  • Tried and True Patterns - have the details of your beloved patterns at the ready so you know how much of the bargain fabric or yarn you need to purchase.

  • Measurements - record the measurements of your favorite people in one handy place so you can begin creating at a moment's notice.

  • 42 pages to print on 8.5 x 11 paper.

Grab your copy of the Free Sewing & Needlework Planner!

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I hope you enjoy the Sewing & Needlework Planner!

Hi, I am Lisa and I am so glad that you are interested in planning your creativity in the New Year. You might know me as a smocker, sewist and pattern designer, and so I am, but I also love to knit, embroider and sometimes even quilt. I designed this planner to hold all those creative plans in one place, as well as to encourage me to celebrate those finished projects. I hope you will join me as we plan our creativity together in 2023. 

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Now, let us all take a deep breath and forge on into the future: knitting [insert your fiber craft of choice] at the ready."

Elizabeth Zimmerman

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