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Let's Learn to Sew Knits!

Knit's don't have to be scary and you don't need a serger - you can sew (and smock) a soft, comfortable dress or skirt the girl in your life will adore!

With our online construction courses and patterns, you can create the dress she will beg to wear!

Would you like to sew a knit dress she will love, but need a little help along the way? 
Perhaps you would like to add some smocking, or just keep it simple...

Our course/pattern bundles are the solution,
No Serger Required!

Let's Learn how to Sew on Knits

It's easy, I promise!

<<<Would you like to sew knits but just aren't sure where to start? 

<<<Have you always wanted to sew for your daughter or granddaughter?

<<<Do you love to smock and would like to include it in your designs, but the child in your life needs simple everyday clothes? 

Let me walk you step by step through the process!
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Each of our patterns has a companion construction course - here's what you will receive:

  • Over 10 lessons with detailed instruction walk you through every aspect of the project from picking out fabric to constructing the dress (or skirt).

  • 10 plus videos demonstrate each aspect of the process.

  •  Bonus instruction that allow you to personalize the outfit and make it your own.

  • Self paced and your access never expires.

  • Each design is available as a printed pattern or pdf pattern. The patterns are for sizes 3-12 and are made for knit fabrics. They can be smocked or simply gathered. 

  • Each of the patterns are specifically designed for knits.

  • The patterns include serger and non-serger instructions. They can be completely constructed on a sewing machine. A sewing machine is required; they cannot be constructed with just a serger.

I am so glad you want to learn to sew on knits!

Hi, I'm Lisa and I am so glad that you wouldl like to sew for the little girl in your life. At Pink Hollybush Designs we teach modern smocking through our courses and patterns so moms and grandmas can sew love into every stitch. In particular we focus on helping sewists smock knit garments that busy mamas don't have to iron and that children love to wear because they are so soft and comfortable. I have my Artisan level in smocking and served as the National President of the Smocking Arts Guild from 2014-2016.

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"My daughter wants you to know that you are a great teacher - she says my work/smocking/sewing has gone from above average to the next level above. She and my granddaughters thank you very much. Me too." Peggy D.

 “Starting with May Garden and on to Honey, Twirly Skirt, and then Rosie, my granddaughters have absolutely loved my creations! The dresses fit beautifully and they are so comfortable to wear.  I never thought I would enjoy sewing with knits this much but the Pink Hollybush patterns made it very easy.  When the girls came back and asked me to make another, I knew I had found a winner!” Diana B.

Whould you like to see an example of the kind of teaching you can expect; check out our July Flowers Course, it is free!

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