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Smocking: The Basics

Smocking A History

A history of where smocking came from and how it started.

Learn to smock square

Learn how to smock by making a Christmas Ornament or insert for a garment! This course will take you step by step through picking and prepping your fabric, all the basic smocking stitches, and finally constructing the ornament.

Adding a Smocked Insert to a Pattern

video tutorial on how to add a smocked insert to a pattern.

Know Your needles square

A video tutorial on the best needles to use for smocking.

Blocking A Bishop Neckline

A video tutorial on how to block a bishop neckline for smocking.

How to pleat a Bishop seamlessly pin

Pleating a bishop seamlessly avoids lumps from the seams & broken pleater needles.

Smocking the basics pleating

Pleater recommendations and video on how to pleat woven fabric.


3 Situations when you might want to hand pleat and a tutorial showing how.

Read a Smocking Graph

Step by step directions on how to read a smocking graph.

centering the design

An explanation of how to center your smocking design.

Choosing a Fabric

How to choose a fabric for your first smocking project.

Picking a pattern

Recommended sewing patterns to use for your first smocked garment.

Cleaning your Pleater

A step by step video tutorial on how to clean your pleater

Picking Floss Colors

Tips for picking floss colors for smocking on prints

Adding side panels to a smocked inse

Adding side panels to a smocked insert.

History of Picture Smocking

The History of Picture Smocking.

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