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Have you been frustrated trying:

No Serger Necessary!

  • to pick the right Knit Fabric for a project?

  • have no idea what the difference is between a ponte or an ITY?

  • don't own a serger (or don't know how to use it), but still want to sew knits?

  • have tried to sew knits but ended up with stretched out necklines or wavy hems?

Enjoying the World of Knits has you covered!

Enjoying the World of Knits Intro
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You want to make soft comfortable clothes from those amazing knit fabrics for yourself or a love one...

But with local fabric stores disappearing and online shopping becoming a necessity, how do you know which fabric to purchase? What weight, fiber, or amount of stretch do you need? Fabric is tactile - it's why we love it - and it needs to be felt to be understood. I wish I could give us all a local fabric store! But since I can't, I can give you Enjoying the World of Knit Fabrics. This book with its accompanying fabric pack and online video, will allow you to feel the differences while explaining the nuances of the different knits. Together this will give you the confidence to choose and sew the right knit fabric for your next project. From there the step by step photos will walk you through different construction challenges. 7 different necklines are presented so you can get a great finish on your garment. So purchase the Enjoying the World of Knits Fabrics and start sewing knits with confidence!

I am so glad you are interested in working with Knit Fabrics. I'm Lisa, the creator of Pink Hollybush Patterns, most of which are created for knit fabrics. I often heard from fellow sewists that the beautiful garments that they made were going unworn, hanging in the closet. The sewists often thought it was the handwork that they added, but in talking with my daughters I realized,  the handwork isn't the problem, usually it's the fabric! Moms don't have the time or desire to iron, and clothes for children are much more casual.  So I started working with knit fabrics.  I took courses on pattern development and now here we are.  Along the way I have continued that experimentation to better understand knit fabrics and use that knowledge to sew for myself and my two adult daughters. I know you want to use your talents and skills to create something special for a loved one or yourself, so join me as we enjoy the world of knit fabrics together. 
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Here's What's Covered:

  • Types of Knit Fabrics
  • Classifying Knits
  • Stitches for Knits
  • Helpful Notions
  • Seam Finishes
  • Stop by step photo directions for 7 different knit neckline finishes
  • Hemming knits

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