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Have you been frustrated because the beautiful clothes you lovingly create are just languishing in the closet?

  • maybe the clothes are too dressy?

  • or mom just doesn't have the time or inclination to iron?

  • the child thinks the clothes are too scratchy?

  • or mom thinks the color & style are "too old fashioned"?

No Serger Necessary!

It doesn't have to be that way!

Pink Hollybush Patterns are designed to showcase your beautiful handwork if you chose to add it, but are made in comfortable, easy care fabrics (mostly knits, but some wovens too). 

Pink Hollybush Patterns Feature...

Pink Hollybush Patterns
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You want to use your sewing (and maybe smocking) skills to create a beautiful garment for the child you love...

The problem is children don't dress as formally as they used to and working moms don't have time to iron. So the beautiful garments you so lovingly stitched go unworn hanging in the closet leaving you to wonder why you bothered in the first place. This doesn't have to be the outcome. Your beautiful handwork is appreciated!  You just need to use fabrics and patterns geared for today's lifestyle. At Pink Hollybush Designs, our sewing patterns are for easy care fabrics - mostly knits - that a busy parent can throw in the washer & dryer, have a classic but modern aesthetic that includes beautiful smocking if you choose, and are loved by children because of the soft, comfy fabrics and fun pockets! 

Welcome to Pink Hollybush Designs!

I am so glad you are here! I'm Lisa  - Welcome to Pink Hollybush Designs. I know you want to use your talents and skills to connect with & create something special for that child that you adore. As a new grandma with my granddaughter two plane rides away, I understand how difficult it is to be separated from that special child. Sewing for Nia is a way for me to show my love across the miles. But Nia won't feel that love if the clothes I make her are just hanging in the closet because they don't fit today's lifestyle. At Pink Hollybush, we love to take traditional techniques and apply them in a fresh and modern way to create a one of a kind garment that the child in your life will love. As the former President of the Smocking Arts Guild of America, I love to smock, so many Pink Hollybush patterns include an option for smocking if you would like to add it, but there is no need to. So grab that cup of tea, explore our patterns, courses and tutorials, and let's make something for that special child today!

Lisa Hawkes 1200.jpg

Our Patterns:

  • include step by step photo directions to guide you through the sewing process.
  • are available in print or PDF formats
  • are sized for children NB to age 12
  • are designed for soft comfy knit fabrics or easy care wovens
  • many include a companion video course, some of which are free.

With Pink Hollybush Patterns, you are one garment away from a phone call from that beloved child asking if you can sew them more!


Pick a Pattern


Choose a comfy fabric

Sewing Machine

Sew the garment

Honey Child.jpg

Watch them wear & enjoy!

Looking for some more help? Grab our Freebie below.

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