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Recipe Dish Towels to Sew

Recipe dish towel made using spoonflower

This is a quick post today as I am busy finishing up a new pattern and look forward to launching it next week! In the mean time, I wanted to share this creative sewing idea with you from Spoonflower. This Christmas a special gift that both my mom and I received from my daughter were dish towels printed with Great Aunt Florence's Pie Crust Recipe. The Pie Crust recipe is legendary in our family, and Aunt Florence was a very special lady. (Besides pie crust, she taught me to embroider - I remember an entire afternoon spent learning to make French Knots).

Recipe printed dish towel using service from spoonflower

Yes, the recipe is from 1958! My daughter had the recipe printed on fabric using Spoonflower. They have a complete tutorial and video on how to do this. She scanned the recipe and uploaded it to Spoonflower. They printed it on the fabric. It has all the details of the original, right down to the eraser marks and cross outs.

Dish towel showing the recipe complete with eraser marks

Once she received the yardage, my daughter just hemmed the edges. I love having a visual reminder, and special keepsake of Aunt Florence in the kitchen and love that my daughter took the time to make this for me! Remember if you haven't signed up for our monthly newsletter, do so below and receive the free Daisy Smocking Plate.

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