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Blooming Rose, Free Smocking Design

Blooming Rose Free Smocking Design

I was recently chatting with my good friend Kelli about the upcoming class she is teaching for the Chesapeake Treasures chapter of SAGA on Picture Smocking, and she was explaining that she was going to teach Little Hippo (or Hector as she has named him). You can read the post that Kelli wrote on stitching Little Hippo (aka Hector) here. She wanted to teach a design that represented Maryland, but the design she found was too complicated with several different color changes in one row. (Yes, these are the things that we stitchers think and talk about!) So that conversation got me thinking and Blooming Rose is the result!

Blooming Rose has 3 color changes as you can see, but the colors are grouped together. There are no half spaces, and with the colors grouped together it should not be difficult to work. I would rate Blooming Rose as an advanced beginner design - perfect for the person who has tried solid color stacked cables and is ready to take on color changes.

Blooming Rose Smocking Graph

The outfit in the picture above is made with our Liberty of London Spring Knit. and Little Kisses pattern. It is also available as a kit with pre-pleated fabric! I also think Blooming Rose would look lovely with our Trellis Fabric.

Pink Trellis Fabric

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I hope you enjoy this little design and I would love to see a picture if you stitch it up! Have a Happy Stitching Weekend!

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