Bunnies to Stitch and Sew

Easter is right around the corner even if it is snowing today! Have you started your Easter sewing yet? In case you haven't, I have a round-up of free bunny designs (and one chick, just because it was so cute) to help inspire you and get you those sewing juices flowing!

Let's start with smocking! I found 3 free bunny smocking plates, so you can have a choice of designs.

First is this Bunnykids smocking plate from Martha Pullen.

If you prefer a basic brown bunny, then you might like Baby Bunnies from Michie Moonie

Or, for a fun take on a bunny, there is this fun guy from Treasured Heirlooms.

Wouldn't this bunny from Down Grapevine Lane be adorable embroidered along the hem of a dress, or peaking out of a pocket?

If time is running short, I bet the little girl in your life would love a bunny purse! There is the heirloom version from Martha Pullen.

Or this Rabbit Bag from The Bubble Factory.

To keep things simpler still, why not tuck one of these adorable bunny hand puppets from Purl Soho into your child's Easter Basket.

Finally, this Cute Chick would also be a fun addition to the Easter Basket!

Happy Easter Sewing!

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