Bonus Embellishment: Bunny Applique

Updated: May 14, 2019

Bunny Applique

Welcome back to our last bonus embellishment! We finished our dress in the last lesson and now have a cute bunny applique that we can add to our dresses. If you don't want to add the applique to your dress, consider using this cute design to embellish a towel for the kitchen or bathroom, or other Easter decoration. Download the Bunny Applique Pattern here. Find all the Make Your Daughter a Dress video series here. The video is below, so let's get started.

Trace the bunny applique pattern onto your fabric with a blue marker. If the fabric is dark, cut the bunny pattern out of the paper on the outside line and trace it onto your fabric. Cut the bunny pattern again on the inside line and trace that as well. Use pins and dots to mark the inside details.

Trace to bunny pattern onto the fabric.

Using 2 strands of floss, stitch the detail on the back leg and the ear in outline stitch.

The eye and the nose are granitos.

Stitching the nose

Once you have stitched those details, cut out the bunny on the outside dotted line. Fold the straight edge seam allowance of the foot back and pin the bunny in place on the dress with the edge lined up with the stitching line of the tuck.

Details stitched and bunny cut out.

Using regular sewing thread and a large running stitch, anchor the bunny in place by stitching in the body of the bunny all around the edge.

Stitch the bunny in place

Beginning at the flat foot edge, and using a strand of matching all purpose sewing thread the your sharps or betweens needle, begin using the slip stitch to stitch the bunny in place. Use your finger nail and needle to turn the seam allowance under, working just slightly ahead of where you are stitching. When you come to a tight indentation, clip into the indentation and keep turning and stitching. It doesn't take as much clipping as you might suppose. Work your way around the entire bunny. Add the tail by working 2 rows of Turkey Work Stitch. the video as well as this blog post explain how to do Turkey Work. If you have a thread that has wool, that will give you the fluffiest tail. Clip the loops and then clip and brush the tail to make it fuzzy. One last important bit of information. If you have used the blue marker anywhere on your dress, soak the dress overnight in cold water. Soap sets the blue marker so it is important to make sure that all the marker is out!

Completed bunny

I hope you enjoy this easy bunny applique design. Remember to sign up for my Monthly Newsletter to be kept apprised of fun sewing ideas, tidbits and sewing news from around the web! Congratulations, you have made your daughter a dress! I hope you enjoyed this video series sew along! Happy Sewing.

finished dress with applique

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