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Girl's Video Sew-Along: Lesson 12: The Tuck Hem

Lesson 12: the Tuck Hem

It's time to hem our dresses and finish them! I will have one more bonus embellishment in our final lesson, but today we are finishing those dresses, with a quick and easy tuck hem, so let's get sewing! The video and a short explanation are below. You will find all the previous lessons here.

Prepare the Hem.

Press the hem up 4 inches to the wrong side making sure to line up the side seam edges.

Turn up the hem 4 inches

Work your way around the skirt pressing up 4 inches. Fold the hem up again another 4 inches, making sure to line up the side seams and folding the hem straight up. Pin in place. On the smaller sizes, this will bring the hem right up near the pocket, but that is fine. Make sure that it is smooth near the bottom of the dress.

Hem turned up a second time.

Stitch on the Sewing Machine.

Using a regular straight stitch and length, stitch 1 inch from the bottom folded edge.

Stitching the Hem

Press the Tuck Hem Down.

Press the tuck flat and then press the hem and tuck away from the waist of the dress. It's that simple - your dress is hemmed!

The Finished Dress with a lovely A-line shape.

Congratulations! Your dress is hemmed and finished! I just love the A-line shape and twirly factor this hem treatment gives the dress!


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