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Wee Care/Preemie Sewing Pattern Round-Up for Charity.

Round-up of Free Preemie Sewing Patterns

2023 Update: Several of the patterns that were originally listed when I wrote this blog post back in the beginning of 2017 are no longer available. I have gone through and updated and checked the links and as of December 2023, everything listed is available. I have designed a Free Wee Care Smocking Pattern, a blog post on Sewing for Charity, and have a Sewing for Charity Pinterest Board that you can follow. I also have two additional Wee Care patterns that will be delivered to your inbox.

Smocked Preemie Gown Pattern

Angel Sleeve Preemie Gown Sewing Pattern

Smocked Preemie Sewing Pattern

The gowns pictured above can be found on the SAGA website, you will find the patterns for 4 different gowns - three are smocked, and this tucked pattern is especially appropriate for boys.

Boy's Preemie Sewing Pattern

The gown with the smocked doggie was part of a smock-along that was taught last year on the SAGA facebook group page. The files are available on the SAGA website as well as the facebook group page and if you scroll down to the posts, you will find all your questions answered as well as inspiration in seeing the many ways members used the pattern. While you are on the facebook group page, under the files tab, click on the "Preemie Smocked Bonnet." The file contains the long time SAGA favorite pattern of the "Tiny Preemie Gown" and Smocked Bonnet pattern.

Preemie Gown Sewing Patterns

The gown made up in the star fabric is the Tiny Preemie Gown. The Tiny Preemie Gown uses next to no fabric, so you can use the leftover pieces of fabric from another project to make a beautiful gown.

The pattern for the gowns pictured below is no longer available but you can use the Tiny Preemie Gown pattern to recreate these gowns.

Angel Sleeve Preemie Gown Pattern

These are terrific made up in a soft knit or brushed flannel. Eymm Modern Designs offers a NICU T-shirt pattern that is great for boys.

NICU T-shirt sewing pattern

My chapter includes a matching hat and diaper with the vests we make.

Teeny Tears Diaper Pattern for Preemies

The diaper pattern is available from Teeny Tears.

Preemie Hat Sewing Hat Pattern

A wonderful hat pattern is available from Extraordinary Ordinary Life.

Coral and Co. Preemie Hat Sewing Pattern

Coral and Co. also offers a preemie hat pattern.

Threads of Love also has a pattern for a Burial Gown and blanket. While technically not free, SAGANews, the quarterly magazine of SAGA, has a Wee Care issue each year, and almost all of those issues contain at least one pattern. Issues from the past 11 years are posted in the members section of the website, and can be downloaded by members, so there is inspiration galore, and definitely worth the $35 yearly membership fee! Information about joining SAGA can be found here. I hope you can set aside some time to sew for these babies and their parents!


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