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Have you ever worked hours to sew a beautiful outfit for a beloved child in your life but the outfit just hangs in the closet?  Maybe the child wears it but it looks sad because the outfit is all wrinkled. What would it feel like if instead the favorite outfit of the child in your life was something that you made?  What if that child waited by the wash machine in anticipation of having that outfit back so they could wear it?  

What if your adult daughter called and asked if you could make her a new knit dress for work? 

What about sewing for yourself?  When you look in your closet, what if you were able to pull out a beautiful piece to wear that you had sewn and maybe even added some hand stitching to make it uniquely yours? What if your co-workers asked where you found such fun and creative clothes and you could answer "I made it myself."  

Those are my experiences and they can be yours. Join me as together we tackle knits,
and sew for ourselves and others.

Receive a new pattern each month.


Learn to handle knits with video & live zoom events.

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Connect with other members in the Sewing Room, our online forum.


Receive the Enjoying the World of Knits book & sample fabric pack.

How the Sewing Circle Works

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Each month you will receive:
  • A PDF downloadable pattern. This may be our newest release, an extension to an existing pattern, an exclusive smocking plate or a new ornament for the holidays.

  • An exclusive teaching video. Each month there will be new teaching video added to the video library.

  • A live chat  where you can ask your questions or just connect with other members. (it will be recorded if you can't join live.)

  • Quarterly Sew-Alongs.

  • Access to the Sewing tutorial video teaching library.

  • The Enjoying the World of Knits book and knit sample fabric pack.

  • Exclusive discounts to the shop and Pink Hollybush printed patterns. 

  • Access to the Sewing Room, our forum,  where you can connect with other members and share your creations - no need to be on social media!