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Have you ever worked hours to sew a beautiful outfit for a beloved child in your life but the outfit just hangs in the closet?  Maybe the child wears it but it looks sad because the outfit is all wrinkled. What would it feel like if instead the favorite outfit of the child in your life was something that you made?  What if that child waited by the wash machine in anticipation of having that outfit back so they could wear it?  

What if your adult daughter called and asked if you could make her a new knit dress for work? 

What about sewing for yourself?  When you look in your closet, what if you were able to pull out a beautiful piece to wear that you had sewn and maybe even added some hand stitching to make it uniquely yours? What if your co-workers asked where you found such fun and creative clothes and you could answer "I made it myself."  

Those are my experiences and they can be yours. Join me as together we tackle knits,
and sew for ourselves and others.

Receive a new pattern each month.


Learn to handle knits with video & live zoom events.

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Connect with other members in the Sewing Room, our online forum.


Receive the Enjoying the World of Knits book & sample fabric pack.

How the Sewing Circle Works

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Each month you will receive:
  • A PDF downloadable pattern. This may be our newest release, an extension to an existing pattern, an exclusive smocking plate or a new ornament for the holidays.

  • An exclusive teaching video. Each month there will be new teaching video added to the video library.

  • A live chat  where you can ask your questions or just connect with other members. (it will be recorded if you can't join live.)

  • Quarterly Sew-Alongs. Our next one kicks off July 1st.

  • Access to the Sewing tutorial video teaching library.

  • The Enjoying the World of Knits book and knit sample fabric pack.

  • Exclusive discounts to the shop and Pink Hollybush printed patterns. 

  • Access to the Sewing Room, our forum,  where you can connect with other members and share your creations - no need to be on social media!

Welcome to the Sewing Circle!

I am so glad you would like to join us. The Sewing Circle is open now through June 30, 2023. Our next Sew-Along will kick off July 1st and our next zoom teaching will be at the end of the month. If you are not a member of the Pink Hollybush Website, you will be prompted to create an account before purchasing the membership.

  • Quarterly Circle Plan 3

    Every 3 months
    • A PDF pattern emailed to you each month
    • Access to the Sewing Room Forum
    • Access to the Sewing Tutorial Library
    • Enjoying the World of Knits book & Fabric Pack
    • An exclusive Teachig Video each month
    • Live Events & Sew-Alongs
    • Discount to the Shop & Bonus Goodies throughout the year
  • Monthly Plan 3

    Every month
    • A PDF pattern emailed to you each month
    • Access to the Sewing Room Forum
    • Access to the Sewing Tutorial Library
    • Enjoying the World of Knits book & Fabric Pack
    • An exclusive Teaching Video each month
    • Live Events & Sew-Alongs
    • Discount to the Shop & Bonus Goodies throughout the year.
  • Christmas Tree Ornament Smock-Along

    Free Plan
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    Membership in the Sewing Circle is closed for this quarter.

    What you can expect...


    Monthly Patterns

    Each month a Pink Hollybush pattern will be emailed to your inbox on the first day of the month. Circle members will be the first to receive our newest patterns.  One month it might be a new outfit, or an extension to one of our existing patterns. It could be a new smocking plate, and in the fall, there definitely will be a new ornament to kick off the holidays.

    Enjoying the World of Knits Book

    Upon enrollment you will receive a printed copy (pdf for our international friends) of the World of Knits book & sample fabric pack. The book covers...

    • Types of knit fabrics

    • Classifying knits

    • Stitches for knits

    • Helpful Notions

    • Seam finishes

    • Step by step photo directions for 7 knit neckline finishes

    • Hemming knits

    The Sewing Library

    world of Knit Fabrics.jpg

    The Sewing Video Library

    No need to go searching for a tutorial, instead you will have access to exclusive sewing videos that show step by step how to sew or smock a particular technique. Need a refresher on a particular smocking stitch, wondering how to pleat seamlessly, or which stitch to use with that knit fabric, there is a video for that! Better yet, a new video will be added each month.

    Live Chats & Sew-Alongs

    We will meet on zoom once a month to discuss all things sewing, answer questions, and encourage each other on our latest sewing adventure. This will include some focused teaching time as well as guidance on our latest sew-alongs which will be at least quarterly.

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    Let's have fun with our sewing! Meet each other and share your sewing creations in our forum - "The Sewing Room," hosted on the Pink Hollybush website. No need to be on social media! Support and encourage each other as we participate in quarterly sew-alongs and maybe a sewing challenge or two!

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    Frequently Asked Questions...

    How do I join the Sewing Circle?

    Joining is simple. Choose the yearly or monthly plan above. You will be taken to the checkout page. The Sewing Circle will open April 1st at 9 am. The pattern for that month will be emailed to you on the 1st as well. 

    Do I have to live in the US to join?

    Absolutely not! We would love you to join us no matter where in the world you live. The Enjoying the World of Knit Fabrics book will be sent to you as a pdf if you live outside the US.  If the website does not let you check out, please just email me.

    What type of pattern will I receive?

    Pink Hollybush patterns are for children's clothes, vary in size, but generally range from sizes New Born to 12. Some will include smocking, some will be for knits and there will be a smocked ornament in the fall. The pattern will be a digital pdf download.

    Will the sew-alongs only be sewing children's clothes?

    I will be taking my cues from you and will be polling our members to see what they would like to sew next. The patterns you will receive will all be for children's clothes but I am happy to lead a sew-along that is for an adult garment. 

    I have never worked with knits. Will the sewing circle work for me?

    The Sewing Circle is the perfect place to learn to handle knits. Upon joining, the Enjoying the World of Knit Fabrics and companion fabric pack will be mailed to you. It is a resource on working with knit fabrics. Many of our library videos will focus on knits and the monthly live sessions and The Sewing Room Forum will be the perfect place to get your questions answered.

    How long do I have access?

    You will have access to everything in the Sewing Circle as long as you remain a member. The patterns that you receive each month are yours to keep.

    If you had joined in March, you would have received...

    Sweetie Pie Cover.jpg
    Sunshine Sundress Pattern Cover (8.5 × 11 in).jpg
    Children's Pocket Patterns.jpg

    If you had joined in January, you would have received...

    Honey Pattern Cover Front Square.png
    Sleeves & Collars Expansion Pack (Instagram Post (Square)).jpg
    Cozy Vest Pattern Cover.jpg

    I am so glad you are interested in The Sewing Circle! I'm Lisa, the creator of Pink Hollybush Patterns. I have been sewing since high school and smocking since my daughter was two. I have my artisan level certification in smocking and served as the President of the Smocking Arts Guild from 2014-2016. As President, I heard from so many women that their daughter and daughter-in-laws wouldn't put the children in the smocked clothes. They were two fancy or fussy. In talking with my daughters I realized,  the handwork isn't the problem, usually it's the fabric! Moms don't have the time or desire to iron. So after finishing my service as President, I begin experimenting with smocking on knit fabrics.  I took courses on pattern development and now here we are.  Along the way I have continued that experimentation to better understand knit fabrics and use that knowledge to sew for myself and my two adult daughters. I know you want to use your talents and skills to create something special for a loved one or yourself. Join me as we explore the world of smocking, knit fabrics, and all things sewing. So get a cup of tea and let's sew and smock for ourselves and others!

    Lisa Hawkes 1200.jpg
    sewing 1.jpg

    Peggy D.

    My daughter wants you to know that you are a great teacher - she says my work/smocking/sewing has gone from above average to the next level above. She and my granddaughters thank you very much. Me too." 

    sewing 3.jpg

    Judy M.

     I was nervous about taking your class because I don’t have any confidence. After taking your course that is no longer true. Instead of rushing through and getting frustrated, I took my time and finished it over a three week span. I am very happy with the results. 

    sewing 2.jpg

    Debra S.

    My favorite fabric to sew with is now a Knit thanks to learning with Lisa!

    Not ready to join yet?

    Sign up for the twice monthly newsletter so you know when the Sewing Circle opens its membership again...

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