Attaching Crochet Lace with a Roll and Whip.

Adding Lace with a Roll and whip

A beautiful way to finish the edges of a garment and apply a special touch is to add a touch of lace. In this tutorial I am going to walk you through what is known as a "roll and whip" in the heirloom sewing world, and in particular how to attach the crochet lace carried in the shop. A roll and whip was originally a method used to finish an edge by hand on an heirloom garment. The method works best on a natural fiber (polyester doesn't like to roll and whip), and preferably on the straight or cross-grain of the fabric (although I have managed on a slight curve.) The method was adapted to machine sewing and that is the method used for this tutorial.

Set your machine to a zig zag stitch and find a scrap of lace and fabric to practice on. Arrange your fabric and lace with right sides together, the lace on top, and the edge of the lace 1/8 inch from the edge of the fabric. You might want to measure the 1/8 inch at least initially - it is wider than you think!

lace 1/8 from edge of fabric