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Mama and Baby Giraffe: A Downloadable Smocking Plate!

Mama and Baby Giraffe Smocking Plate

Little Hippo Smocking Plate

The Mama and Baby Giraffe Smocking Plate includes a full color picture of the finished stitched plate, a full color graph on 8 1/2 x 11 paper (no more squinting to count the stitches), and step by step photos of the basic stitches.

Mama and Baby Giraffe Smocking Plate

Mama and Baby Giraffe is an intermediate smocking plate, so some experience with stitching Stacked Cables is helpful. Mama and Baby Giraffe is stitched over 138 pleats and 12 rows with rows 1 and 12 being holding rows. The design includes 2 color changes in one row and half stitches (that's what makes it intermediate!). The tails and hair tuffs are Turkey Work (see blog post on how to execute this stitch). The best part - no need to wait - the pattern will be delivered to your email inbox. Print it out and start stitching! it would look adorable made up into Playtime in our Bradford Herringbone Cotton.

Playtime pattern, mama and baby giraffe smocking plate

I have so enjoyed designing Mama and Baby Giraffe and have two more plates already in the works! If you haven't signed up for our monthly newsletter, you can do so here so you receive first notice of the arrival of additional smocking plates, fun tips and finds, notice of sales, and our free Daisy Smocking Graph!

Daisy Dress

Happy Smocking!

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