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A Cape for a Winter Wedding

A Cape for a Winter Wedding

On December 30th my daughter got married in frigid Boston! Fortunately back in August she asked me if I would make her a cape for her big day. Putting the cape together was simple and a special project that I enjoyed making for her. The beautiful green wool was in my stash (my girlfriend Julie was cleaning out her stash a few years ago and decided she wouldn't use it). I used a forest green polyester satin for the lining and Simplicity 1582 for the pattern.

Photo by Audrey Cutler Photography (used with permission)

Simplicity 1582

She wanted the length to hit right about mid shin so I made the length half way between views C and D. This pattern doesn't include a lining, but adding one was simple. I used the same process that I used for the capelets, which made the cape warmer, reduced the bulk at the neck, and gave a more professional finish. The hood was "sandwiched between the cape and the lining when I sewed the neck, and the neck binding was eliminated. My daughter wanted the cape to be somewhat open to show off her dress, so I closed the cape by sewing two buttons to the front and making a twisted loop cord from DMC floss. This video from Borroco shows how to make the cord.

To keep the weight of the cape off her neck, I attached two lengths of grosgrain ribbon inside the cape under the buttons. The ribbon goes under her arms and ties behind her back. It creates a backpack type effect and helps keep the cape in position, making it more comfortable to wear. I am sorry I don't have a picture for you - we made that improvement the day before the wedding! The cape was a practical way to keep warm going from the church to the reception and an elegant look for a special bride!

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