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6 Reasons to Sew with Flannel

6 Resons to Sew with Flannel Pin

Flannel is a wonderful and amazing fabric that shouldn't just be reserved for sewing PJs. Here are 6 reasons to consider it for your next project.

If you would prefer to listen rather than read, skip to the bottom to listen to the video.

1. Flannel is comfortable and cozy to wear.

In colder climates, flannel is a wonderful fabric to wear in the winter. It is warm and cozy on those cold winter days. One of the first garments I made my daughter was a Mary De jumper that was made out of flannel. It was. a great transition piece. She wore a t-shirt under it in Fall and then a turtleneck top as the weather got colder. On a cold February morning, it was one of her favorite things to put on and wear. This little top shown is a Rosebud top that I recently made by granddaughter. My daughter loves putting Nia in this top because it keeps her warm, cozy and is so soft.

Rosebud Top sewn in flannel

2. Flannel is popular in ready to wear right now.

Yes, plaid flannel shirts are popular in ready to wear right now, but I am also seeing shirt dresses and other designs made out of flannel. Flannel can be feminine. For example, here is a Tova top that I made myself years ago.

Tova Top made of Flannel

And here is the Rush Hour top also made of flannel.

Rush Hour Top made of Flannel

Both of these tops let me be slight dressy, feminine, yet warm and cozy because they are made of flannel.

3. Flannel is an easy fabric to sew.

Flannel is made from 100% cotton. It doesn't stretch, is a medium weight and isn't slippery. It is similar to sewing with a quilting cotton but has a softer feel and more drape that makes it appropriate for garment sewing.

4. Flannel is an inexpensive fabric.

In the world of fabric prices, flannel is relatively inexpensive. You can get a great quality fabric with out spending a lot of money. Your local JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby will likely have some great flannel fabrics. If you are ordering online, most of the companies that manufacture quilting cotton also manufacture flannel. The little polar bear print is a Robert Kaufman fabric. Moda and Art Gallery also make wonderful flannel fabrics. Google your favorite quilting cotton manufacturer to see if they make flannel.

5. Flannel comes in a large variety of patterns and prints.

Yes flannel comes in plaid, but it also comes in a variety of prints and patterns. As mentioned above, most of the quilting fabric manufacturers make some prints in flannel and a quick google search will reveal a variety of prints.

6. Flannel pleats up and smocks beautifully.

Flannel easily goes through the pleater and since it is 100% cotton, it maintains the shape of the pleats beautifully. A smocked flannel dress will be a soft and cozy favorite garment.

Pleated example of flannel fabric.

If I have convinced you to give sewing with flannel a try, here are a few tips. Flannel does shrink, so be sure to pre-wash and dry your fabric before cutting out the garment. If you are smocking flannel and making a bishop pattern, flannel is a little on the bulkier side. Some bishop patterns are very full, others not as much. Choose a pattern that isn't as full. I recommend seamlessly pleating the bishop rather than trying to put the seams through the pleater. Here is a video on how to seamlessly pleat a bishop. If you do want to sew the seams before pleating, then I recommend that you use a method other than French Seams to reduce the bulk of the seams.

I hope you give sewing with flannel a try - Happy Sewing!


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