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Know your Smocking Needles

Know your smocking needles

Sometimes when we have been doing something for a long time, there is just so much knowledge that we take for granted, and don't realize that someone who is just beginning doesn't know. That certainly is the case for me and smocking. I originally wrote the blog post "How to Read a Smocking Graph" when I realized that my adult daughter who was proof reading my directions for an ornament kit kept asking why I was referring to a particular color in the smocking directions. it was only then that I realized she wasn't reading the smocking graph and had no idea how to! Thanks to that realization, last year I did a whole series on Smocking: The Basics and thought I had covered everything, but I never discussed the different types of hand needles and why we use one verses the other for smocking! So here is a quick video tutorial that discusses the subject!

For those who prefer to read, smocking is typi