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A Great Knit Dress: Version 1

Bobby knit dress from Seamwork magazine

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that it has become a tradition for me to sew knit dresses for my girls each summer. They LOVE knit dresses and practically live in them during the summer months. In past years I have sewed the Moneta and the Myrtle. Last year I turned the Chai Tee into a dress for both of the them. For this year's dresses, I again turned to Colette Patterns and Seamwork Magazine. When I spotted the Bobby pattern I figured both girls would love it. They both like sleeveless dresses and a V neckline so I thought the pattern would be a great fit. I was surprised when both the girls wanted the bonus flutter sleeves, but I was happy to accommodate. As I got started on the dress for my younger daughter, she let me know that she preferred the fitted bodice of the Moneta to the blouson bodice of Bobby, so the dress that is pictured above and below is really a mash-up of Moneta and Bobby! But that's why we sew, right? So we can have exactly what we want!

This knit dress is a Moneta bodice with the neckline and flutter sleeve from Bobby. The reason I say that it is a Moneta is that the bodice is fitted to the body (there is still ease but not as much as Bobby) and the skirt is gathered with clear elastic to the size of the bodice following the directions from Moneta. The original Bobby has a fuller bodice and skirt that is gathered at the waist with elastic in a casing (similar to the Myrtle). It results in the bodice having a blouson effect rather than being fitted. I used the Bobby skirt but shortened it by 5 inches - my daughter has not adopted the tea length look! The fabric is cotton interlock from my stash. One knit dress down, one to go!

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