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A Self-Bound Knit Blanket

Self Bound knit baby blanket pin

My granddaughter Nia needed a blanket for daycare and so my daughter called to see if Gigi could make her one. My daughter wanted a soft knit blanket for Nia. The blanket also needed to be durable since it will be coming home to washed each weekend before going back to daycare for nap time the following week. I started googling and found the quick and easy Missouri Star Self-Binding Blanket Tutorial. The only problem was the tutorial used Minky fabric and has raw edges. Nia has sensitive skin that doesn't do well with polyester fabric so the Minky fabric was out. I wanted the edges finished to make sure it would be soft and hold up to repeated washings. So here is a tutorial for a self-bound knit baby blanket with no raw edges! There is a video below if you would prefer to listen.

Supplies for the Self-Bound Knit Baby Blanket:

50" x 50" base fabric (I used French Terry*).

44" x 44" jersey fabric (I used a jersey from JoAnns from their pop line that is quite thin).


Rotary Cutter

Fabric Marker

Basic Sewing Supplies

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Blue French Terry and Swan Jersey Fabrics

Prepare the Fabric:

  1. Cut the two fabric squares as listed above. This might be the most difficult part!

  2. For the base fabric, measure up 4" from each corner and make a mark. Connect the two marks and cut off the corner of fabric. Do this for all 4 corners.

Marking the Corners of the Blanket

3. Press the seam allowance of the base fabric to the wrong side. I used a 1/2" seam allowance. Glue Baste the seam allowance in place.

Seam Allowances pressed to the wrong side and glued in place.

Sew the Blanket:

Sewing wrong sides together at corners

  1.  Sew the corners by placing wrong sides together, keeping the seam allowance folded in place and using a 3/8" seam allowance. Do this for all 4 corners. Turn the mitered corners right side out and press the sides up.

  2. Lay the base fabric out on a bed or the floor and place the Jersey fabric in side the base fabric. Smoothing everything out, pin the fabrics together.

  3. Sew the fabrics together using a stitch that catches both fabrics. This can be a simple zig zag or a decorative stitch. I used a blanket stitch and stitched so the straight stitches were in the seam and the swing of the stitch went into the base fabric.

Blanket sewn together with blanket stitch.

Nia loves her blanket - I hope the child in your life loves theirs as well!

Finished Baby Blanket

Here is the video if you would prefer to listen:


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