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Closing the Dart

Sewing tutorial on closing a dart

Today I have a very basic, learn to sew video and tutorial: how to stitch and press a dart! As always, I have the written instructions as well as a video.

My first tip is that when I mark the dart, I place a line parallel to the dart right at the dart point.

Marking the dart

This clearly shows me where to stop stitching. You would think it would be easy to see where to stop stitching, but without the line, I always think I should stop before I should. Fold the dart in half and pin by placing the point of the pin through the first leg of the dart and then the second. 

I use at least two pins and then also put a pin where that parallel line is, so I know right where to end. Stitch the dart closed from the side toward the point, backtacking at the side, but not at the point. Stitch right off the edge of the material at the point. Knot the thread tails at the point.

Press the dart over a sewing ham, pressing the dart toward the waist. Do not press the point of the dart. The idea is to create shape and the ham allows you to press the shape into the fabric. 

 I hope this quick tutorial was helpful! Happy Sewing.


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