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Curved Smocking Tutorial & Free Hello Ducky Smocking Plate

Finished Smocked Hello Ducky Baby Bunting

Welcome to another Sewing for Baby Video Series as we together we sew the perfect Baby Layette. You can find the previous videos here. So far we have sewn a Ducky Blanket, created the perfect knit Baby Bunting, and today I have a free Ducky Smocking plate and a quick tutorial on Curved Smocking. Curved Smocking is used in the Hello Ducky Smocking plate to stitch the water.

Curved Smocking is a technique where the traditional smocking stitches of Trellis, Cable, Outline and Stem are combined to create a curved line rather than the angular lines more typically found in smocking.

Curved Smocking is simple to do, so grab a copy of the Free Hello Ducky Smocking Plate and let's get started! As always, you can watch the video or read the step by step instructions below.

Start with an up cable and stitch a 4 step Trellis stitch down to the next row.

Stitch a 4 step Trellis Smocking Stitch.

At the bottom, place the thread above the needle and stitch two Outline Stitches staying level at the bottom of the row.

Stitching an Outline Stitch

Place the thread below the needle and stitch a Cable Stitch.

Stitch a cable stitch.

Keep the thread below the needle and stitch two Stem Stitches, again on the same level. Again keeping the thread below the needle, stitch the Trellis stitch back up to the top of the row and close with a level stitch.

The finished Curved Smocked Sequence.

Here is the finished curved smocked sequence. It is that easy! If are new to smocking and would like more information, sign up for our Get Started Smocking Email Series! I hope you give Curved Smocking and our Hello Ducky Smocking plate a try.

Close up of Hello Ducky Smocking Plate.


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