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Rosebud: Sewing a Knit Baby Daygown or Bunting.

Our easy to sew button or snap down the front Rosebud pattern can easily be altered to create a Baby Bunting that is perfect for a boy or a girl. It can also be an easy knit daygown, and for older babies who are starting to toddle, a nightie. In this video tutorial, which is the 2nd in our Sewing For Baby Video Series, I will show you the simple alterations. You will find all the Sewing for Baby Video Tutorials here. The steps are also listed out for you with photos below if you prefer to read.

Pattern Alterations.

To make a daygown, nightie, or bunting, simply cut the skirts to the length given below. The width is the same as given in the pattern. For the bunting, you will also need the pattern piece that can be downloaded below. The lengths listed are correct even though the 18 and 24 month sizes are shorter. I have assumed that a 18 or 24 month old child is starting to toddle and have made the skirt lengths so the nightie finishes at ankle length. New Born to 12 month size is longer to be a daygown or bunting length that will cover the feet and still allow for movement. To make the pattern for a boy, or if you don't know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, which was the case when I designed the ducky bunting, simply use the tailored sleeve and omit the optional ruffle for the collar.

Lengths to Cut the Skirts:



3 mon.

6 mon.

12 mon

18 mon

24 mon

Length to Cut Skirts in/cm

19.5/ 49.5

20.5/ 52

21.5/ 54.5

23/ 58

20.5/ 52.7

23 58

Prepare the Gown.

For the daygown or nightie, follow the directions given in the Rosebud pattern. No changes are necessary other than using the longer skirt pieces and adding an additional button or snap to the front.

For the bunting, do not turn the button band back on itself as instructed in the pattern. Instead overlap the button band at the bottom of the gown and baste it together in the seam allowance.

Overlap button band and baste in seam allowance.

Run two rows of gathering stitches around the bottom of the gown, at 1/4" and 5/8" from the edge. Mark the center front and center back of the gown at the bottom.

Attach the Gown to the Bunting Bottom Piece.

With right sides together, pin the bunting to the bottom of the gown, matching the notches on the bunting pattern piece to the center front, center back and side seams. Pull up the gathering stitches to match the bunting pattern piece.

Gathers pulled up to match bunting pattern piece.

Here is the gown and bunting bottom pinned together.

Gown pinned to bunting bottom.

Sew the Gown and Bunting Bottom Piece Together.

Stitch the gown to the bunting pattern piece using a 3/8" seam allowance. Use you preferred method to finish the seam allowances and remove the basting stitches.

The finished bunting bottom.

Here is the finished bunting bottom. I hope you give this a try and make sure to check out our complete Sewing for Baby Video Series!


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