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Favorite Heirloom Sewing Resources

Last week I shared some of my favorite smocking resources and so today I am back to share some of my favorite heirloom sewing resources. First up, what exactly is Heirloom Sewing? According to wikipedia, "Heirloom sewing is characterized by fine, often sheer, usually white cotton or linen fabrics trimmed with an assortment of lace, insertions, tucks, narrow ribbon, and smocking, imitating such hand-work techniques as whitework embroidery, Broderie Anglaise, and hemstitching." I must admit that I am taking some liberty and using the term a little bit broader in this post. Basically when I say heirloom sewing I am referring to sewing that incorporates fine details and couture methods from the past, although the look may be entirely modern. Those details may include lace, but just as easily, include tucks or fagotting on a modern print. That is something a love about sewing - taking those fine techniques that add that couture touch, and interpreting them for today's look and lifestyle!

So now that we are hopefully on the same page, here are my recommendations! Bar none, the resource that is constantly by my side is Precise and Professional by Lyn Weeks. In the introduction Lyn explains that she intended the book as a workbook, and that is exactly what it is! She covers the various heirloom techniques of attaching lace but goes on to cover using the bias, seams and seam finishes, and plackets and closures.