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A Round-up of Free Geometric Smocking Plates

Free Geometric Smocking Designs

Over the years I have done several round-up posts of free smocking plates. There has been Smocking Plates for Boys, Smocking Plates for Girls, Smocking Plates for Christmas and Smocking Plates for Babies! But all of those round-up posts have focused on free picture smocking designs. In the Smocking Basics Series, I recommended that you start with a geometric smocking plate for your first smocked project, so it seemed only natural to put together a round-up post of Free Geometric Smocking Plates! I haven't rushed to do this post because I didn't think I was going to find much, but I was pleasantly surprised! So, let's see what I found! If you would like to listen rather than read, or would like to know which patterns I would use these plates with, check out my YouTube video on where I discuss these 12 designs.

Over at Gathering Threads, Claire Meldrum has several vintage designs posted as well as a few that she has designed. This is from the 1930s.

Vintage smocking design

This design is from the 1940s.

1940s smocking plate

This design she re-created from the book Simplified Smocking.

Vintage smocking design

And finally, this is a free design of her own.

Narrow Trellis Smocking Design

Martha Pullen has a design known as the Prince William Suit.

Prince William Smocking Suit
Bonnet Smocking Design
Bishop smocking design
Snowflakes smocking plate

Finally, there are several free smocking designs from Pink Hollybush! There is Findley.

Findley smocking Design

Wee Care Smocking Plates
Daisy Smocking Plate

I hope you get a chance to give one of these smocking plates a try and if you would like to see my latest find, follow my Smocking Pinterest Board!


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