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Get Started Smocking Free Email Series & Learn to Smock Online Course!

Learn to Smock Video Course will teach you to smock by making a smocked ornament.

I hear from more and more people who would like to try smocking but just aren't sure how to get started. Or maybe they smocked years ago and now need a refresher. To address both of those problems, I have created two new resources! The first one is my new Get Started Smocking Email Series and it is free. (Sign up below) It will walk you through the basics and focus on just the essentials to get you started. The Series will introduce the terminology, teach you how to read a graph, and discuss the best materials for a beginner.

If you would like more detailed instruction, with each step demonstrated then let me share with you my new Learn to Smock Video Course! With 20 detailed lessons and 16 videos, the course will take you step by step through every aspect of making a smocked ornament, from picking out supplies to constructing a smocked ornament. Have your heart set on creating that first garment, the bonus materials in the course will instruct you on how to use the smocked piece for a garment insert instead. Let me tell you a little more about it!

Your purchase of the course includes lifetime access, so if at midnight on a Tuesday you want to start on that perfect smocked dress and can't remember what needle to use or how to get into starting position for the Trellis stitch, the video will be waiting to walk you through each step. Not sure how to center a smocking design, or how to execute the Picot stitch because you are left handed - it's covered! Left-handed instructions are included for each stitch! What about pleated fabric? There certainly is a lesson on how to use a pleater in the course (and how to hand pleat for that matter), but you can also grab pre-pleated ornament strips in your choice of red, white or green!

Pre-pleated Fabric for Smocking an Ornament

So give yourself the gift of smocking, sit down and take a few moments for yourself over the holidays and finish a new ornament for your tree!


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